Stainless Steel Industrial Gauges

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Liquid Filled Industrial Pressure Gauges

LF4S – 2-1/2″ Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

CASE & RING: 2-1/2” type 304 stainless steel case with polished stainless steel crimped ring.
DIAL: ABS, white with black and red markings (psi&kpa)
W I N D O W: Clear acrylic.
T U B E : Phosphor Bronze to 6000psi, 316ss to 10,000psi
S O C K E T: Brass with push-in restrictor.
P O I N T E R : Black anodized aluminum.
M O V E M E N T: Brass
A C C U R A C Y: 1.6% of span.
C O N N E C T I O N : 1/4″ NPT b o t t o m or center back
R A N G E S : Vacuum, Compound, Pressure to 10,000 psi